General Information

Parking is conveniently located above each of the piers. Drive up the Viaduct Ramp at 55th Street to the receiving area adjacent to the cruise vessel’s berth. Passengers parking a car must enter the terminal and park prior to bringing in bags to the second level for check-in. Passengers driving are unable to drop off bags and then park without exiting the terminal.

Parking Rates Effective January 2016
Daily Rate: Up to 10 Hours
(For drop offs/visitors)
Cruise Parking
1 to 10 nights
$40.00/per night
Extended Cruise Parking
11 to 30 nights

Taxes are included in the rates. Payment is due upon arrival into the parking lot. There is no upcharge for sport utility vehicles.

Payment accepted by cash and Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards.


Cruise parking opens at 8:00am. Check out at 1:00pm.

Additional Parking

Additional parking lots are located at 59th Street.

No Reservations

We do not accept reservations. Space is subject to availability and is provided to cruise parkers on a first come, first serve basis.

Height Restriction

8’3″ height restriction for all passenger vehicles.

Contact Us

For Ports America (Terminal Operator) Parking Information, call 212.641.4454 or email